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Justabout, based in East London, was set up by three partners in March 2014, as a vehicle to develop a cinematic feature film. We consist of three partners; Steve Sweeney, who brings years of acting experience, Simon Pickup, who adds the creative eye and Peter Sage, who brings commercial, production and marketing experience.

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The Partners

Steve Sweeney

Steve has acted in films for over 30 years and has best known for his roles in Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and Nil by Mouth. Steve's network of film contacts and his creative eye is at the heart of our productions.

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Simon Pickup

Simon offers a wealth of experience in films, from script writing and artwork through to set building and styling. His creative eye is being used to direct our first feature, Schadenfreude which he himself has written.

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Peter Sage

Peter brings commercial, creative and marketing skills to Justabout on the back of founding and managing CarterLondon, a premium digital marketing agency. He also brings film and a tiny bit of acting experience.

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Production Facilities


Justabout's studio space in located in Manor House, London. The space has both indoor and outdoor spaces, which are both flexible and quiet.


Our technical equipment includes:

  • Lighting
  • Cameras
  • Sound
  • Grip
  • Editing Software


Our Art Department facilities include:

  • Flatage
  • Rostrum
  • Set Building
  • Stockyard
  • Paint Store
  • Drapes


Our partner's backgrounds provide us with an extensive network of film related organisations. The include access to top flight actors, musicians, designers, prop makers and distributors.

In Production


Currently in production is Schadenfreude. SchadenFreude is a German word meaning 'to take pleasure from other people's misfortunes'. The film opens with a typical weekend breakfast chat show called ‘Sally on Sunday’. She is interviewing an Austrian Professor who explains the dark nature of the five main forms of SchadenFreude, which are then played out in detail in the subsequent five acts.

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